go past

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go past someone or something

to pass by someone or something. You went right past Tom. Did you mean to? Did I go past it?
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JOHNNY NELSON (WBO cruiserweight champion): "I don't think it will go past four rounds.
com IT'S been a few weeks coming but to finally go past the record I wanted at Trent Bridge on Wednesday was a great feeling mixed with a touch of relief.
The England captain needs just 32 more runs in the second Investec Test which starts at Headingley today to go past his mentor's 8,900, and admits it will be a strange experience to statistically exceed the man who has helped mould his career since he was a schoolboy.
Because it's the hardest thing to do I believe, to actually go past people, you've got to be positive, you've got to be mentally strong, you've got to be brave, mentally and physically brave.
More than just be the first YouTube video to go past 2 billion, the megamonster hit also broke YouTube's view counter since it is the first video "to break the reaches of a 32-bit integer," reports Techcrunch.
I loved watching the trams and buses go past on the prom (which meant my mum and dad could relax for a bit).
Antonio Valencia seems not to want to go past people while Ashley Young keeps cutting inside.
Chalfont goalkeeper Michael Power-Simpson had to scramble the ball clear on 75 minutes after a wayward header from his own side's Daniel Hughes and four minutes from time Joe Leahy found himself through on goal only to go past goalkeeper Power-Simpson and then find the side netting.
He said: "It's flattering when you find yourself in situations where you can go past absolute legends of the game in the record books.
There was a throw-in and I let the ball go past me into the box.
We were getting ready to start racing when I let a guy go past me but it then got narrow and I lost control of the bike and crashed to the ground.
Not so much to go past him because he is in a league of his own.
Ex-midfield maestro Crerand never had the pace to go past players in his 1960s heyday and he loves the way Ronaldo and McGeady (left) are able to hurtle past rivals at will.
The arms form a goal-post position, (remember to pinch those scapulas together to make sure the ball does not go past 180 degrees) with the throwing arm raised to a level higher than the shoulder ("L" position).
It doesn't mean the network won't go past the 50-game mark, or help produce contests that end up airing on Channel 13 and KDOC-Channel 56.