References in classic literature ?
But before I reveal to you the secret of the treasure, you must swear that, after we have loaded the camels with as much as they can carry, you will give half to me, and let us go our own ways.
Even though we might go our own ways (the branches), we all originate from this sturdy foundation (the trunk).
If it doesn't work out we'll go our own ways at the end of the season, but if it works we bought him for over pounds 1m, sold him for pounds 5m and brought him back for nothing, so that's been decent business.
We were either going to say 'thanks very much' and go our own ways or start preparing for the quarter-finals.
That's the best of this whole situation because you know no matter what happens, she could beat me a dozen and one times, I could beat her a dozen and one times, and when it all comes down, we will have to separate and go our own ways to make the team.
We decided to go our own ways because the relationship wasn't working .
We had a few meetings and decided to go our own ways, quite amicably.
By that time, I decided that the holiday was going to be a nightmare if we carried on together, so I suggested that we split up and go our own ways.
If it doesn't work out for whatever reasons, we can still both go our own ways.
We haven't lived in each other's pockets and from the start decided we would go our own ways as well as working together,''confided Cleo whose trademark is the warbling which can see her shift from a smoky whisper hauling up four octaves to the top of the vocal register without so much as a tremble.
But at the club we have different sets of friends and tend to go our own ways.
That was a fantastic experience and we were all very sad when it ended and we had to go our own ways.
We gave our relationship a go in the UK but it wasn't working so we agreed amicably to go our own ways.