go nowhere

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go nowhere (fast)

to not progress This debate is going nowhere - we're no closer to a solution than we were when it started. Chloë's job at the health department was going nowhere fast.
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You've acknowledged that she'll go nowhere without it.
It lies not only behind and through the city, so to speak, but also on either side of it, isolating the metropolis and enhancing the strangeness of that night train that can go nowhere without crashing five stories down into the empty snow.
Howard Berman, D-Van Nuys, predicted a wide-ranging immigration reform bill he introduced last year would go nowhere.
But for every moment that works, there are whole subplots (one involving ``Bonanza'') that go nowhere.
The problem, apparently, stems from developers who installed water runoff ``burp drains,'' or catch basins, below the street that go nowhere.
The new Dodgers were in Vero Beach, getting ready for another season in which most baseball writers predict the team will go nowhere.
More often than not, the movie's farcical elements fall flat or go nowhere, leaving the actors looking more confused than the relatives on ``My Big Fat Obnoxious Fiance.
But industry experts said those provisions, while helpful, are secondary since they don't directly address the problems of runaway production and also go nowhere near recouping the massive loss from the repeal of the export subsidy.
Tenuous attempts made to connect the Japanese clans with their Angeleno counterparts go nowhere and only underscore that Kitano's inspiration has come to a creative standstill.
I wanted to try and prove a point,'' he said, ``that I didn't go nowhere and I showed that.
His daughter is 35, and all through her school and young adult years, she would go nowhere unless it was her father or mother driving her.
We'll have to take his word for it; for viewers, it's little more than an excuse to go nowhere, just vegetate on the couch for a couple of hours.