go near

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go near (to) someone or something

to approach someone or something. Don't go near Sue. She's got chicken pox. Now, don't go near the water!
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References in classic literature ?
Jurgis had resolved not to go near his old home again, but when he heard of this it was too much for him, and every night for a week he would get on the car and ride out to the stockyards, and help to undo his work of the previous year, when he had sent Mike Scully's ten-pin setter to the city Board of Aldermen.
Nobody would live in it afterward, or go near it by night, and most people even gave it a wide berth in the daytime.
As it was not in the plan of the present hunting campaigns to go near the caches on Green River, and as the trappers were in want of traps to replace those they had lost, Captain Bonneville undertook to visit the caches, and procure a supply.
Take care of it,' said he, 'and don't let it go near the rabbit-warren, for the gamekeeper swears he'll shoot it if he sees it there again: he would have done so to-day, if I had not been in time to stop him.
The woods are lovely, but you daren't go near them because of the ticks.
If you people--or things--or glass spectacles--or crazy- quilts--or whatever you are, go near the Emerald City, you'll be arrested.
I was now furnished with roots and corn, such as it was, and water; and leaving my friendly negroes, I made forward for about eleven days more, without offering to go near the shore, till I saw the land run out a great length into the sea, at about the distance of four or five leagues before me; and the sea being very calm, I kept a large offing to make this point.
We will not go near the Sahibs,' cried the first husband.
I had been to call upon her father, - a sacrifice to civility undertaken entirely to please my mother, not myself, for I hated to go near the house; not merely on account of my antipathy to the once so bewitching Eliza, but because I had not half forgiven the old gentleman himself for his ill opinion of Mrs.
There is an unwritten rule that if you are friends with somebody you don't go near their ex partners.
Do not allow any person or animal to go near the broken electricity wires till the arrival of concerned IESCO staff.
As for the balconies, you don't need to go near them because the shops are on the other side of the walkways.
Everyone in the village was afraid to go near the car as they suspected a crime.
He said saboteurs continued to place such devices on major highways and warned the public not to go near suspicious objects.