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A professor at the University of Illinois planted a field trial of a grass called Miscanthus that grows 14 feet tall and has been bred to be sterile, so it won't go haywire as an invasive species.
But something tells me she's not going to need a degree in sound engineering to make this boy's wiring go haywire.
The complicated story of how EGFR can cause normal cell division to go haywire is now beginning to come together.
Westworld: Robots go haywire and start killing humans.
Those are some of the little small things that can go haywire.
When it gets to players and teams, results can go haywire.
THE FLOODS this week are yet more evidence that global warming is causing the weather to go haywire, according to expert predictions.
Major indices will go haywire based on Internet-mania, a company's poor earnings report or a seemingly ill-conceived transaction within the sector.
As a result, a firm's Y2K steering committee needs to think broadly about what can go haywire and consider the implications.
According to research by property consultant FPD Savills, so-called intelligent buildings could be hit as embedded systems - found in the everyday office plant and machinery such as lifts, access systems, telecommunications, security and fire systems, air conditioning and generators - see their internal calendars switch to the year zero as the new Millennium begins and go haywire
If we continue burning fossil fuels and producing huge amounts of carbon dioxide, the climate will go haywire.
They cause a person's immune system to go haywire and attack healthy tissue.
But the brain's biology begins to go haywire long before symptoms of serious mental decline or outright Alzheimer's become evident.
Things started to go haywire when the 26-year-old appeared before Newcastle Magistrates.
But there are those nights when the jump shot is flat and the free throws go haywire, and even the NBA's most dynamic player seems fallible.