go down the tubes

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go down the tubes

To fail; to be ruined or destroyed; to be squandered or wastefully discarded. My father's company is going down the tubes because of the incompetent new CEO. All of our savings have gone down the tubes ever since Jack had his little gambling spree in Las Vegas.
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go down the ˈtube/ˈtubes

(informal) (of a plan, company, situation, etc.) fail: The education system is going down the tubes.
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go down the tube(s)

and go down the chute
in. to fail totally; to be ruined. I tried, but it all went down the tube. All my plans just went down the chute.
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You will recall from last week's words of wisdom that, even in times like these, money can be made from short selling and whilst I would not wish to see a great British company go down the tubes, one has to ask how much more can Marconi stand.
FEARS are growing that 1000 Scots jobs could go down the tubes after the sacking of 90 people at a huge manufacturing plant.
We also have an absolutely brilliant flyweight kid called Mathew Coyle coming through but all this could go down the tubes unless we find a new gym urgently within the Glasgow area.
If all those shows go down the tubes, we might have a shot'' at returning, Peter deadpans.
I strongly believe the moment a child is conceived the parents' rights go down the tubes.
A FRUSTRATED couple spent a fortune on hotel bills and watched their sex life go down the tubes - all because of a jealous dog.
But his plans go down the tubes when he learns all the others are off to one camp or another.