go by the name (of)

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go by the name (of)

To use the specific name (that is then stated). My daughter Margaret has now decided that she goes by the name Calliope. I'm looking for a man who goes by the name of Whitaker. Do you know him?
See also: by, name

go by the name of something

to be known by a specific name. She goes by the name of Gladys George. I used to go by the name of George.
See also: by, name, of

go by the name of...

use a name that may not be your real one: Although she was born Mary Jones, she now goes by the name of Natasha, which she feels is more appropriate to her glamorous image.
See also: by, name
References in classic literature ?
Accordingly I took a double handful of those small, broken, flinty bits of biscuit which generally go by the name of
The company will therefore no longer go by the name Stork or Stork Prints.
2009 ROLLS-Royce has confirmed that the new "small" Rolls will go by the name RR4.
Doesn't the WNBA team in Seattle go by the name Suri?
The combined company will go by the name Sims Newco.
We are the only people who go by the name of Mike Davies who live in Pengwern, Llangollen.
The company's Canadian branch will go by the name AllTell.
Once formed, the new REIT would go by the name of Macklowe Properties, Inc.
The new company, which will employ nearly 600 people at seven facilities throughout the United States and England, will go by the name of Pride/Softspikes.
Apparently, he sent out a text just after the birth that read: "He shall go by the name of Donovan Rory MacDonald Gallagher and he will be a legend.
An old harmonica player named Henry, and his wife, Janet, who used to go by the name Jadzia.
The venture will go by the name of Rutnin Eye Hospital as the goodwill and name recognition of the clinic in Thailand are already widespread.
For the three young men from Saugus who go by the name ``Flyboyz,'' it became an addiction: free-flying through the sky, using their bodies for human aerobatics.
The original Macarena is by a couple of 40-something Spanish guys who go by the name Los Del Rio.
They go by the names of Barry Ferguson, Allan McGregor and Kris Boyd.