go before

go before someone or something

1. to precede someone or something. Do you wish to go before me? I will go before the other waiters and clear the aisles.
2. . to appear before someone or something. Sharon went before a magistrate and laid out her complaint. Mary went before the entire board of directors with her proposal.
See also: before
References in classic literature ?
I said to the master of the shop, who by this time was fetched home from some neighbouring place, that it was in vain to make noise, and enter into talk there of the case; the fellow had insisted that I came to steal, and he must prove it, and I desired we might go before a magistrate without any more words; for I began to see I should be too hard for the man that had seized me.
I pressed him to go before a magistrate with me, and if anything could be proved on me that was like a design of robbery, I should willingly submit, but if not, I expected reparation.