go beetroot

go beetroot (red)

  (British & Australian) also go as red as a beetroot (British & Australian)
to become very red in the face, usually because you are embarrassed
Usage notes: A beetroot is a small, round vegetable that is a very dark red/purple colour.
Whenever the kids asked him about his girlfriend he'd go beetroot.
See also: beetroot
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The plot consists of a series of misunderstandings which would make the most green of amateur dramatic directors go beetroot red with embarrassment.
They chuck it through part of the old grey matter known as the medial prefrontal cortex (which grown-ups don't do) and this magnifies their propensity to go beetroot red a zillion-fold, roughly.
Lock my mother in a room with a dog and she will start sneezing uncontrollably, go beetroot red, tears will stream down her face and she will be dead within 15 minutes.
They know I'll go beetroot red and try to get away.