go around doing

go around doing something

to move around doing something. She keeps going around telling lies about me. Please stop going around knocking things over. She goes around helping whomever she can.
See also: around
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We only have the provincial government team trying to go around doing the assessments.
Perhaps, if one is to compare Phelps and Bolt, the American will not go around doing crazy gestures and posing for photos.
She was part of the Ink Spots who used to go around doing charity concerts.
They go around doing these jobs and it's amazing what they can accomplish.
Hazel can still remember what David had told her: "When I retire as a project manager for Kodak, I shall buy a motor home and we will go around doing your concerts.
At the end of the day you can't go around doing bad on people.
This is of course ridiculous, considering that we have zo,000 pharmacy shops in the country and less than zoo trained inspectors for the whole country, not to talk of chemists to sit in the mobile vans and go around doing the testing.
But some people just want to go around doing things like that.
What they (the cartels) want to do is make their sales in secret and make their money, not go around doing odd jobs," Benitez said.
I didn't go around doing more than I would have done because United gave me that honour.
One said "If they haven't got enough to grit the roads for the binmen I can't believe they can go around doing private factories.
But what really depresses me is that, with a general election quite likely only weeks away, both pillocks in the running to grab the keys to 10 Downing Street go around doing passable impressions of Dickens' grotesque Uriah Heep.