go amiss

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not go amiss

  (British, American & Australian informal) also not come amiss (British & Australian informal)
if something would not go amiss, it would be useful and might help to improve a situation (usually in conditional tenses) A word of apology would not go amiss. Some extra helpers never come amiss.
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We want to see the arguments, the tantrums, the tears and, let's face it fellas, a few shots of super sexy Pippa parading around in her scanties wouldn't go amiss either.
Time to get things in perspective and a wee bit humble pie from the managers might not go amiss.
But word filters across the water from one of the better- informed Guinness guzzlers that a fiver each way on a beast called Tender Cove at a general 20-1 might not go amiss.
And if the PM's listening, a gong wouldn't go amiss.
He needs to win this well to justify those lofty expectations, but connections have presented him with a golden opportunity 7Shaped as though another furlong wouldn't go amiss on his Thirsk debut.
Spending some of its booty on the odd decent programme wouldn't go amiss.
He looks a tremendous prospect at this early stage of his career and has only the John Oxx horse to beat 7All three wins over 6f, and though he shapes like another furlong wouldn't go amiss, he is unproven over 7f and the going is likely to be testing
There's no doubt Tony Mowbray's side will need a good home result to reach the lucrative group stages and a word with some of Thursday night's legends would not go amiss.
But teaching humanity and compassion along with knowledge and expertise wouldn't go amiss.
But a little extra parsley flavouring might not go amiss.
He said: ``Although the weather is fine at the moment, a drop of rain would not go amiss for this particular race, although from the spectators' point of view they will want it to be fine.
Hedman, who plays his next game for Sweden against Nigeria on Friday, also hinted that a pay rise would not go amiss, although his initial comments suggest that his wage demands might price him out of the market.
Some rain would not go amiss, as we know he handles cut in the ground, and I am hoping for a good run.
A little of the above consideration would not go amiss at Heartlands Car Park.
But a pal said: "Geri is still desperate to go into TV and the cash wouldn't go amiss - she's going to be a single mum.