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MBA questions, in many ways, are grossly unfair for someone who did not grow up within the same cultural paradigm--for example, in the West we are often encouraged to be individuals, go against the grain, and think outside the box--values that are not necessarily encouraged in Japanese culture.
It came as a relief when the band decided to go against the grain - "We didn't think we'd be able to put this on the new record,'' admitted Schieppati - and slowed things down with Line In The Sand.
A spokeswoman for net firm Lycos UK, who carried out the study, said: 'The results certainly seem to go against the grain of long-cherished dating myths.
While these would seem to go against the grain of his ``three roads'' declaration of some 35 years previous, they nevertheless collectively constitute this show's most memorable work.
But once the viewer becomes absorbed in their allover patterning, another world emerges, one both playful and idiosyncratic, in which the artist can go against the grain while staying within bounds.
Did your classical training ever go against the grain in the pop world?
He expects it will give him even more frontline decision-making power "I have had to make my own decisions for a long time now, ones that often go against the grain of the Health Ministry," Diaz says.
They] inspired me to be independent and always go against the grain if the grain was not helpful to the whole cause.
She's accompanied intermittently by an assortment of dilapidated siblings, whose stories intersect with, overlap and go against the grain of the main quest; the overall imaginative environment might be described as amphetamine-picaresque.