go across

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go across (something)

to cross something, such as water, a bridge, land, the ocean, etc. We went across the ocean in just three hours. How long did it take you to go across?
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The farmers who go across the fence are frisked, so is their produce and the bullock carts.
The latest job cuts will go across Thus offices in the UK, which also include Manchester, Leeds and Livingstone.
There would be 400 voluntary redundancies among track workers at Browns Lane and the rest of the 1,150 jobs would go across office staff across the whole group.
Why go to Germany when you can go across the street?
Broadcasts will go across Canada and into the United States, Europe and Japan, depending on the deals that still have to be worked out.
The overriding theme is to show how Lucent's solutions will simplify life, at work, at home and on the go across the entire horizon of personal communications media, and give end-users control of the experience.
Up to 37 jobs are expected to go across the North East and Cumbria as a result of the changes, which have already prompted unions to threaten legal action.
When he used to go wandering they would go across the road to make sure he was safe.
Frank Hadden's rejuvenated side, who have not won in Dublin since 1998, go across the water in high spirits after their shock win over England at Murrayfield.
go across the beam, light reflects off of them and it looks like sparks,'' Holmes said.
Attributes go across generations, so the key is to identify them and then be pure to them.
Dance has the ability to go across political lines to bring people together," she says.
They told us to go across the street," Schwen says.
Mimms allowed a 35-yard swerving free kick from Darren Wrack near the left touchline to go across him into the far corner.
When you go across the board, this team has more weapons than any other team.