glued to the spot

glued/rooted to the spot

if you are glued to the spot, you cannot move, usually because you are very shocked or frightened I stood there rooted to the spot as he came nearer and nearer.
See also: glue, spot
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Some of them seem glued to the spot as they await a glimpse of the Oasis star.
He must have realised the danger he was in because he stayed glued to the spot where he had landed.
Instead of moving to a safe distance, one is glued to the spot as the salivary glands work overtime.
Price equalised on 81 minutes with a stunning effort from 25 yards, leaving home keeper Danny Trueman glued to the spot.
Pires appeared to hesitate momentarily and scraped the top of the ball, which remained glued to the spot.
Usually I wander about during a game but I was glued to the spot all morning.
He was glued to the spot and stood outside the gate rather than face the dog.
Like all good Mancunians, they didn't smile, and they stayed glued to the spot during a 90-minute set.
The Happy Prince will captivate even the youngest child, my usually boisterous two and three year old sat glued to the spot for the entire 50 minutes.
Lee will have been scratching his head in disbelief at his inept defence being glued to the spot.