glue down

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glue something down

to fix something down onto something with cement. Glue the edge of the rug down before someone trips over it. You should glue down the rug.
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On our collators and special transport systems there's a lot of label application, so the converter wants to put glue down for those labels.
Tip: For easy cleanup of spills, don't glue down the mirrors.
The pins are removed as students continue to glue down photographs to each individual shape.
Dip the cotton swab into the glue and carefully glue down the edges of your design one at a time.
When elastic-layer was introduced, we made it possible to install and glue down elastic-layer fields with our spray system.
The glue down method is usually better because it eliminates the potential for stretching.
Now you can paint over the paper, use stickers, glue down string in patterns, etc.
One poor guest house owner recounted the horrific stabbing he suffered at the hands of two male guests, while another said she had to install CCTV cameras to keep an eye on guests and had had to glue down vases and ornaments to prevent them being stolen.
STEP 4: Once you have covered that area, cut around the sole of the boot to remove any ragged sections and glue down any missing bits.
ANOTHER TIP FOR ENCOURAGING careful consideration of shape placement and composition is to have students wait to glue down their pieces after they have cut all of them out.
If replacement is needed will handle as a supplement; replace all switch and outlet plates; floor repair floor and replace glue down carpet replace smoke detector; clean radiator, replace radiator cover.
Using the chalk lines as a guide, glue down the border pavers along the house and two sides of the patio (Photo 2).
I told students not to glue down their work until their drawings were completely presented in felt and final adjustments were made.