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glue something down

to fix something down onto something with cement. Glue the edge of the rug down before someone trips over it. You should glue down the rug.
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glue something on(to) something

 and glue something to something; glue something on
to attach something to something else with cement. Please glue the binding onto this book. Someone pulled it off. Please glue on the binding.
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glue something together

to attach the pieces of something together with glue. She glued the pieces of the model plane together. She glued together all the loose pieces.
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glued to someone or something

Fig. following someone everywhere; very close to or touching something. His little sister was glued to him all afternoon. Finally he sent her home.
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glued to something

giving something your full attention During football season, he's glued to the TV. She has her ears glued to her CD player all the time.
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glued/rooted to the spot

if you are glued to the spot, you cannot move, usually because you are very shocked or frightened I stood there rooted to the spot as he came nearer and nearer.
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glue factory

n. the place where old horses are sent so their bones can be made into glue; a similar, imaginary place for people. I’m not as young as I used to be, but I’m not ready for the glue factory yet.
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1. mod. arrested. (Underworld.) Shorty goes to great extremes to keep from getting glued.
2. mod. alcohol intoxicated. About three more beers and I’ll be glued.
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Press pieces of tissue onto the glue in "stained glass" patterns.
Adhere a pin to the back for a lapel pin (use an adhesive pin, or use a hot glue gun to attach another kind of pin), add to a bracelet for a charm, or tie a ribbon on it for hanging.
This capability is based on the fact that extrusion can smoothly process adhesives that simply will not run on glue wheel or spray glue systems.
Plaster hand-print picture You will need: A box frame Plaster of Paris Strong glue Instructions: Start by taking apart the frame, and removing the box shape from it.
Despite his many achievements, Coover didn't seem to mind being best known for his famous glue.
Figure 3 shows the results obtained shear strength of samples treated with the same glue (PU and PVAc).
BLACK GLUE AND WATERCOLORS Our final sticky activity is best done on white watercolor paper.
Wrap the small square around it and secure with tacky glue.
The worm also produces a glue that is used to stick all these pieces together, forming a solid tube.
I stuck glue on the edge of the section of stem--under a half inch long--and squeezed the bits together.
The beak's outer shell is made of hexagonal keratin tiles--each about 50 [micro]m in diameter and 1 [micro]m thick--cemented together with an organic glue and piled in several staggered layers.
Spread glue on Top of the largest one, Place the next smallest one on top of the glue.
The adhesive, or the glue, becomes extremely important.
If you saved those pieces, thinking that someday you would glue that pot back together, now is the time to do it.
In this activity, you can make your own sandstone using sediments (sand and soil) and glue (plaster of Paris).