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glower at someone or something

to scowl intently at someone or something. The judge glowered at the irate witness until order was restored. Fred glowered at the painting of his uncle, hating the subject of the picture.
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Having the last ball possession, Al Ghalia set up an alley hoop pass to Glower, but was prevented by High Flyer's American player 'Slim' as time expired.
The most violent Celtic and Rangers hooligans, who spend their weekends encumbered by glower and shiv, show up at work Monday morning and calmly sort mail next to one another; they talk happily about Britney Spears and the stock market when they go together to lunch, drinking Coke and eating falafel.
As in their seeming inability to adopt any other posture than to peer over the top of them and glower pretty irritably whenever anyone interrupts them in their reading, even if what they're reading is a load of old tosh and even if it's to offer them a cup of tea.
The corps' pretty pastel-pink and silver brocades and Odette's snowy white feathers gave Swan Lake's first act an elegant candy coating, while Rothbart's venomous green and soot-black cape was the perfect foil for Odile's saucy headdress, its feather cocked to one side like a question mark as Mashkina whipped out her fouettes, each flick of the leg as sharp, swift and sure of Siegfried, with a glower worthy of Cruella de Vil.
The general public cynicism toward and evasion of Prohibition laws, enacted under the prim glower of Woodrow Wilson, proved to be the first open taste of popular rebellion against the belief that government knows best how citizens should run their private lives.
If she wants to glower at the little brat, she will glower.
She said: 'All he could do was criticise and glower.
But grumpy folk don't sing at home be it bath or shower, They just wash, shampoo and generally glower.
Referee is Stuart Attwell and he will be assisted by Roy Corbishley and James Glower with Stuart Rolfe the fourth official.
Masked, faceless terrorists raise their fists on garden terraces while others glower on high-rise balconies, as if in emulation of the hostage crisis of Munich '72.
In a letter to Coun Brenda Otton (Ind Assoc Shirley W), Insp Steve Glower, of Shirley police, said: "It is quite apparent that the toilets are being frequented by males who are looking for sexual contacts and to perform sexual acts.
flower glower Madge glares at the camera in iron bridle
The whole Glower watching as the flames shot higher.
In its taut, no-nonsense pacing and structure, the movie recalls Eastwood's police dramas with Don Siegel and should please long-time fans hankering for some of the actor's trademark glare and glower.