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gloss over something

to cover up, minimize, or play down something bad. Don't gloss over your own role in this fiasco! I don't want to gloss this matter over, but it really isn't very important, is it?
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gloss over something

to fail to deal with the importance of something The report praised the managers but glossed over the high cost of the project.
Usage notes: usually said about a problem or fault: The State Department's reports for the period glossed over the worst human-rights problems in the region.
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gloss over

Make attractive or acceptable by deception or superficial treatment. For example, His resumé glossed over his lack of experience, or She tried to gloss over the mistake by insisting it would make no difference. [Mid-1600s]
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lip gloss

n. lies; deception; exaggeration; BS. (From the name of a lipstick-like cosmetic.) Everything he says is just lip gloss. He is a liar at heart.
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Rashi offers two brief glosses on the phrase [LANGUAGE NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] and a separate gloss on the other clause [LANGUAGE NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII].
Other exegetical glosses based on the ecclesiological interpretation of the Wife include Peter Damian Cd.
The Bevington edition gets high marks for its glosses, but not for the introductions to the plays, which are the simplest and most basic in the three editions; the best of them perhaps are those prefacing the history plays.
Like Bevington's edition, the second edition of the Riverside Shakespeare retains the Folio arrangement by genre, as well as the glosses and introductions to the plays found in the first edition of 1974.
Jonson's theory of the masque, which emphasized less the show of the moment than the lasting "mysteries" of the verse, can be seen at work in his extensive glosses on his early Hymenai (1606).
The glosses to Spenser, Harington and Jonson are often allusive, eluding easy interpretations of stance or sense.
The idea to provide glosses in educational materials is based on the conviction that they can both encourage learners to read difficult texts and, simultaneously, to make their language learning burden lighter.
We get pouting with summery hot pink glosses which all contain SPF.
Try lipsticks and glosses in light pink and muted rose.
After working as a makeup artist in salons for more than 10 years, Ramirez said, she learned that they also dislike overly sticky lip glosses.