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gloss over (something)

To minimize or hide something. Oh, I just glossed over the fact that I'd gotten a parking ticket when I told mom and dad about my night.
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gloss over something

to cover up, minimize, or play down something bad. Don't gloss over your own role in this fiasco! I don't want to gloss this matter over, but it really isn't very important, is it?
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gloss over

Make attractive or acceptable by deception or superficial treatment. For example, His resumé glossed over his lack of experience, or She tried to gloss over the mistake by insisting it would make no difference. [Mid-1600s]
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put a gloss on something

If you put a gloss on a difficult situation, you describe it in a way that makes it seem better than it really is. He obviously tried to put a gloss on the poor sales figures. Yesterday they tried to put a gloss on the Home Office statistics by stressing that recorded crime had stabilised. Note: A gloss is an explanation that is added to a book or other text in order to explain an unfamiliar term. The idea here is that the explanation being given is a misleading one.
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lip gloss

n. lies; deception; exaggeration; BS. (From the name of a lipstick-like cosmetic.) Everything he says is just lip gloss. He is a liar at heart.
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While Trump himself isn't expected to show up for the lighting launch, Glosser didn't rule out in-store appearances in the future.
Authorities said that after Scott let them tape a conversation between him and Groves, Groves let them tape a conversation between himself and Glosser.
As the glosser reminds the reader, they are traditionally the murderers of their husbands and mutilators of their own bodies: "l'Amazone .
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The first ReMinkie[TM] was a memory bear," said founder Rita Glosser, "although I didn't realize it would become the inspiration for a business.
Tahitian Noni & Monoi Smooth & Repair High Shine Glosser - Lightweight moisturizing oil treatment controls frizz for a sleek, high shine finish, without silicone.
Finally, some party essentials - how about traffic-stopping Lancaster Luminizer Celebration Neon Palette in Hypnotic Pink, pounds 20, and Multiplicity Glosser Shine Serum, pounds 10.
PAVEMENT: The Body Shop Lip Glosser in Nectarine, pounds 3.
Hydramol TGL is a perfect ester for use in aqueous systems, especially in emulsion shine and glosser.
Before joining Alsy four years ago, Loncar was regional sales manager for Action Industries/Kensington Lamp and held various executive posts with Glosser Bros.
By working with TurnHere and leveraging its global filmmaker network, we are able to provide our users with a local insider perspective from almost anywhere in the world," says Richard Glosser, executive director of emerging media of CondeNet.
25, and Limited Edition Eye 'N Lip Glosser Pen in Water, pounds 2.
The Spotlight Hi-Beam Glosser and Power Detangler, pounds 4.