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gloss over something

to cover up, minimize, or play down something bad. Don't gloss over your own role in this fiasco! I don't want to gloss this matter over, but it really isn't very important, is it?
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gloss over something

to fail to deal with the importance of something The report praised the managers but glossed over the high cost of the project.
Usage notes: usually said about a problem or fault: The State Department's reports for the period glossed over the worst human-rights problems in the region.
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gloss over

Make attractive or acceptable by deception or superficial treatment. For example, His resumé glossed over his lack of experience, or She tried to gloss over the mistake by insisting it would make no difference. [Mid-1600s]
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lip gloss

n. lies; deception; exaggeration; BS. (From the name of a lipstick-like cosmetic.) Everything he says is just lip gloss. He is a liar at heart.
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So the AO surface finish on the texture will provide the dullest gloss on the plastic part and GB surface finish on the texture will provide the highest gloss with media blasting.
Gloss is a member and past president of the New England Antiquarian Booksellers Association, member of the Antiquarian Booksellers Association of America, the Bostonian Society and the Massachusetts and Rhode Island Antiquarian Booksellers.
Glossiness refers to the appearance of gloss and is the result of the reflectance properties of the surface but it is also influenced by the illumination conditions and by the viewing direction (2).
Step 1: NIVEA Hair Care Diamond Gloss Shampoo The creamy, pearlescent formula with a flowery aroma smoothens and strengthens the hair providing it with intensive shine.
uk) who informed me that you need to prepare the gloss surfaces with a Wet and Dry Sandpaper, which you can get from most DIY stores.
1 GU for 60[degrees]Gloss <10 gloss units can be guaranteed, which consequently allows the control of gloss within [+ or -] 0.
In November 2004, a new ISO standard was published for the determination of paper gloss at a specular angle of 20[degrees].
Dark red lip gloss, pounds 9, French Connection at Boots (08450 708090)
It follows from this that retention of new information encountered in the gloss is poor, in accordance with the adage "easy come, easy go".
Gloss mid thickness are important criteria to guarantee an efficient paint process.
The gloss on De Trinitate is preceded by Clarembald's introduction and prologue as well as a short letter to his friend Odo.
A lick of lip gloss is all that's needed in the warmer summer months.
Q: I am fed up with spending days painting doors and woodwork with white gloss, only to find within two months that they are no longer white but a shade of yellow.
Known as differential gloss, this bothersome distraction can interfere with how people see an image.