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Joe Staton, head of market dynamics at GfK, which carried out the study on behalf of the European Commission, said: "Despite May's brave attempt at a recovery with the overall index rising two points from April, we remain in the gloomy world of negative territory.
Because no matter how impatient we Westerners are for El Nino to arrive, the ensuing gray, gloomy weather might eventually feel a bit, well, gloomy.
She and Pasha, 34, looked nervous and gloomy during a training break before last night's semi.
Global Banking News-December 4, 2014--ECB said to be mulling solutions as economic growth turns gloomy
The scientists examined trees at 26 sites in Raleigh, North Carolina, gathering data on the abundance of the gloomy scale insect, a sap-sucking parasite.
Summary: The Tunisian Minister of Economy and Finance, Hakim Ben Hammouda, on Monday painted a gloomy financial picture for the north African country, saying that domestic and foreign investors are still hesitating in doing business.
As well as creating a very gloomy Sunday the fog also caused some problems on the roads.
So when Netanyahu announces that he is gloomy it is important to understand that he is not gloomy at all, but simply trying to put pressure on the Palestinians.
Both can undoubtedly win on form, but getting weight all round it could be worth siding with Henry II Stakes winner Gloomy Sunday.
The contraction adds to a gloomy outlook for the slowing growth of Asia's third-largest economy and increases pressure on the finance minister to present a pro-growth budget plan later this month.
Summary: High street retailers are preparing for what they hope will be the biggest day of the year amid gloomy sales figures in the Christmas rush
So gloomy that cheerful things like sunshine and birdsong just irritate and annoy?
GLOOMY headlines attended one piece of especially gloomy recent news: that the economy is likely to regress to a level comparable with 2001.
Summary: While the outlook for Dubai's property sector remains gloomy, the emirate has been seen as a safe haven during turmoil that has gripped the Arab world and toppled leaders in Tunisia, Egypt and Libya.
The service industry's business index plunged to a level which is the lowest since July 2009, while the share of manufacturers with a gloomy business outlook surged.