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doom and gloom

(A situation) characterized by negativity or futility. The situation isn't all doom and gloom—there are still plenty of good schools that did accept you!
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gloom and doom

(Characterized by) negativity or futility. The situation isn't all gloom and doom—there are still plenty of good schools that did accept you!
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doom and gloom

a general feeling of pessimism or despondency.
This expression, sometimes found as gloom and doom , was particularly pertinent to fears about a nuclear holocaust during the cold war period of the 1950s and 1960s. It became a catchphrase in the 1968 film Finian's Rainbow.
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ˌdoom and ˈgloom


ˌgloom and ˈdoom

a general feeling of having lost all hope and of pessimism (= expecting things to go badly): Despite the obvious setbacks, it’s not all doom and gloom for the England team.
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pile on the ˈagony/ˈgloom

(informal, especially British English)
1 make something unpleasant sound much worse than it really is in order to gain sympathy from other people: He always piles on the agony when he has a cold; you’d think he was dying.
2 make somebody feel even worse about an unpleasant situation: The latest fare increase just piles on the gloom for rail passengers, who already feel they are paying too much.
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References in classic literature ?
460-469) `Come, my daughter; for far-seeing Zeus the loud- thunderer calls you to join the families of the gods, and has promised to give you what rights you please among the deathless gods, and has agreed that for a third part of the circling year your daughter shall go down to darkness and gloom, but for the two parts shall be with you and the other deathless gods: so has he declared it shall be and has bowed his head in token.
Happy is he among men upon earth who has seen these mysteries; but he who is uninitiate and who has no part in them, never has lot of like good things once he is dead, down in the darkness and gloom.
All through life that piece of crape had hung between him and the world: it had separated him from cheerful brotherhood and woman's love, and kept him in that saddest of all prisons, his own heart; and still it lay upon his face, as if to deepen the gloom of his darksome chamber, and shade him from the sunshine of eternity.
He thought he heard a cluster of skeletons at Montfauçon clashing together in the gloom.
Then the archdeacon rose to his feet, and ran without halting, towards Notre-Dame, whose enormous towers he beheld rising above the houses through the gloom.
In the church he found the gloom and silence of a cavern.
My thoughts had been long wandering from the volume before me to the gloom and desolation of the neighboring city.
Then weariness of brain came upon him; his head sank down on his breast, and little by little everything became wrapped in gloom.
Teh hell wid him and you," she said, glowering at her daughter in the gloom.
Soon it had entirely disappeared in the gloom, and then Dorothy gave a sigh of regret at parting with Uncle Henry and began to wonder what was going to happen to her next.