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Despite thrilling fans with her trademark theatrics and glitzy jewellery, she was accused of lip-syncing the entire song much to the frustration of many.
She did well to score an invite to the glitzy pop event, mingling with stars including Rihanna, Nicole Scherzinger and Adele, who were better placed at the pop extravaganza.
Participants in the competition have a chance to win one of five prize sets, which include a Sony camera, 'Burlesque' on DVD, a copy of the film's soundtrack and 50 pounds Sterling worth of Glitzy Secrets gift vouchers so customers can get the Burlesque look with vintage-inspired costume jewellery and hair accessories.
FOLLOWER OF FASHION Miss Great Britain Sophie Gradon is the NEW face of a glitzy designer website
3 Accessorise - the easiest way to wear metallics is to pick up a gold bag, choose chunky jewellery or add a glitzy scarf.
Byline: Come June 19, Sushmita Sen will be adding a glitzy touch to a fashion extravaganza.
THE world's first Beatles-themed hotel celebrated its official opening with a glitzy launch party.
The adjacent Desert Passage shopping mall is chucking its Arabian bazaar theme and resolving to do better as a glitzy Miracle Mile.
After performing a hands-on analysis of Windows Vista, I'm happy to report that Microsoft's long-awaited new operating system is more than just glitzy bells and whistles.
Joseph Sitt, owner of Thor Equities, has already acquired most of the parcels he needs along 3 acres of prime Coney Island land between West 10th and 5th street to build upon the allure of the neighborhood's colorful past, and realize his glitzy vision for the year round-resort which will include a luxury hotel, the mixed beachfront condos and neonlit stores and restaurants.
A band that can craft something this sublime doesn't need to lean heavily on bells and whistles to connect--there's nothing here as shameless as their breakthrough cover of "Comfortably Numb"--and they wisely keep glitzy shtick to a minimum throughout the stellar Ta-Dah.
95) is as much a history of the genre as a collector's reference--so don't expect glitzy color photos here.
This story set in glitzy Miami Beach follows hot Latin singer and national heartthrob Ricky Biscayne, whose wholesome public image is a farce.
Both buildings are going up in Santiago's glitzy northeast region, where many multinationals have set up shop as part of a trend to move away from the city's crowded downtown.
Appropriated from the glitzy world of fashion, sequins still register as gaudy, fauxluxe, and sexy, even when applied to monochromatic painting.