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Gary Glitter

The anus, when used in reference to anal sex. Primarily heard in US, Australia, South Africa.
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all that glitters is not gold

Things that have an outward appeal are often not as beautiful or valuable as they seem. I don't know if that necklace from the flea market will have the resale value you're anticipating. All that glitters is not gold, you know. A: "I want to grow up to be a movie star, then I won't have a care in the world!" B: "Just remember that all that glitters is not gold. The pressures of fame can be difficult."
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All that glitters is not gold,

 and All that glistens is not gold.
Prov. Just because something looks attractive does not mean it is genuine or valuable. (Often said as a warning.) Hollywood may look like an exciting place to live, but I don't think you should move there. All that glitters is not gold. I know Susie is popular and pretty, but don't befooled by that. All that glitters is not gold.
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glitter with something

1. to sparkle with something. Her earrings glittered with many tiny diamonds. The tree glittered with tiny ice crystals.
2. [for eyes] to shine with a strong emotion. Her eyes glittered with anger. The eyes of the great beast glittered with ravenous hunger.
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all that glitters is not gold

Something attractive is not always what it seems, as in This house is really beautiful, but a close look will show dry rot near the foundation-all that glitters is not gold . Aesop stated the same idea in two of his fables (c. 600 b.c.), and a version close to the current wording appeared in 1175.
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all that glitters is not gold


all that glistens is not gold

If you say all that glitters is not gold or all that glistens is not gold you mean that something or someone may not be as good or as valuable as they first appear. If these offers seem too good to be true, just remember that all that glitters is not gold and you would be well-advised to read the small print. Yes, he's good-looking and he has a nice lifestyle, but all that glistens is not gold.
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all that glitters is not gold

the attractive external appearance of something is not a reliable indication of its true nature. proverb
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ˌall that ˌglitters/ˌglistens/ˌglisters is not ˈgold

(saying) not everything that seems good, attractive, etc. is actually good, etc: Don’t imagine that because they are rich, they are happy. All that glitters is not gold.
The verbs in this idiom all mean ‘shine brightly’.
See also: all, glisten, glitter, gold, not, that
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