All that glistens is not gold

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all that glistens is not gold

Things that have an outward appeal are often not as beautiful or valuable as they seem. I don't know if that necklace from the flea market will have the resale value you're anticipating. All that glistens is not gold, you know. A: "I want to grow up to be a movie star, then I won't have a care in the world!" B: "Just remember that all that glistens is not gold. The pressures of fame can be difficult."
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All that glistens/glitters is not gold.

  (British, American & Australian) also All that glisters is not gold. (British literary)
something that you say to warn someone that sometimes people or things that appear attractive have no real value This film has an all-star cast, but all that glisters is not gold. It fails because of its weak story.
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New Products; Updated Satinique body care line (Japan), reformulated Glister toothpaste (China and Japan), Body Series moisturizing stick (U.
This research will be carried out on high tech computers at the University by research assistant Julie Glister, under a youth internship sponsored by DFO," he says.
Imported products are Colgate Total, Glister, All White, Samsodyne, etc.
Fray Thomas eschews the glister of the former, allotting only a dozen pages to those figural ornaments (glosas, redobles, and quiebros), which play such a prominent role in the treatises by Sylvestro Ganassi dal Fontego (Fontegara [Venice, 1535; Rome: Societa italiana del flauto dolce, 1991]) and Diego Ortiz (Tratado de glosas [Rome, 1553; New York: Barenreiter, 1967]).
Ed Glister, a senior project manager at Consolidated Edison, said, "For over two years, Con Edison has been using Sigma technology to improve responsiveness and productivity in our customer service and accounts payable departments.
Shepherd/ Bronze (The Glister Journals) Contact: karenpeterson@chinabluepublishing.
It may not be so good for business ventures as any deals you are offered could turn out to be all glister with no gold.
Texar and Grande still glister, what with the light
What is demonstrated here is the dull mind of a brilliant intelligence, an intelligence whose glean and glister is continually stifled, smothered by a perpetually renewed wrap-around of self-reference.
It is the last in a long line of council-owned buildings on Redcar front, that have soon lost their initial glister, examples being the former pier, the Beach Centre (later Leo's), the Coatham Enclosure, the attractive, but dilapidated, shelters and Redcar Bowl.
Boffins do not believe the 'cheat' was an act of deception to hide the ' impurity of the gold, but more likely atechnique developed to improve and enhance its appearance, to make it glister more.
R) Multipurpose Cleaner wipes, 21,348 cleaning kits, and thousands of toothbrushes, tubes of GLISTER toothpaste, bar soap, and other personal care products, to victims of the hurricane through International Aid's relief efforts.
For those who don't know the pattern, it's got a peacock glister body, a gold and silver tail and a gold and silver wing.
In what was described as a "disturbing set of events", Consett Magistrates' Court heard how 27-year-old Lisa Glister damaged a door lock by barging into a former neighbour's home at Fern Avenue in South Stanley, County Durham.