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All that glitters is not gold,

 and All that glistens is not gold.
Prov. Just because something looks attractive does not mean it is genuine or valuable. (Often said as a warning.) Hollywood may look like an exciting place to live, but I don't think you should move there. All that glitters is not gold. I know Susie is popular and pretty, but don't befooled by that. All that glitters is not gold.
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glisten with something

to sparkle or shimmer with something. The trees glistened with a thin coating of ice from the freezing rain. Fran's eyes glistened with a few tears.
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All that glistens/glitters is not gold.

  (British, American & Australian) also All that glisters is not gold. (British literary)
something that you say to warn someone that sometimes people or things that appear attractive have no real value This film has an all-star cast, but all that glisters is not gold. It fails because of its weak story.
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all that glitters is not gold

Something attractive is not always what it seems, as in This house is really beautiful, but a close look will show dry rot near the foundation-all that glitters is not gold . Aesop stated the same idea in two of his fables (c. 600 b.c.), and a version close to the current wording appeared in 1175.
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Externally the concrete superstructure is covered in what the architects describe as a glaze, which when struck by light appears to glisten in the changing daylight conditions.
A signal case in point is The Americans, US Gymnastics Team: Like several of White's subjects, the coach and the injured young female athlete he cradles Pieta-like in his arms both glisten with a sheen of vaguely postcoital perspiration, their expressions caught precisely on the cusp of pain and pleasure.
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