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glint in (one's) eye(s)

1. A brief and subtle expression in one's eye(s) indicating a hidden or secret emotion, agenda, idea, plan, etc. She said that she was happy for both of them, but I knew by the glint in her eye that she despised Mark's new girlfriend. My father, with a glint in his eyes, told me that I would get the best present after the party was over.
2. A person or thing that has been planned or discussed but has not yet come into being. Jonathan says he's going to write the great American novel, but it's just a glint in his eye at this point. I knew your parents back when you were just a glint in their eyes.
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glint with something

to sparkle or shine with something. Her bright eyes glinted with the sunlight. The crystal goblet glinted with the orange firelight.
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Justin Maki of NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory, the leader of the team that built and operates the rover's Navigation Camera, said that these can be caused by cosmic-ray hits or sunlight glinting from rock surfaces, as the most likely explanations.
Tautly supple and rippling, like a well toned muscle, the lightweight screen filters and reflects light, glinting and sparkling by day and mutating into a gently glowing mass at night as light filters through the glass walls of the box.
Rubens delights in the positive: the rainbow symbolizing hope (and in itself so beautiful), the light glinting on the rich meadows, the benign cattle and their fruitful surroundings.
Evocative, delicate and full of glinting colors, it proved a perfect capper.
But after a while, the regimented way in which the cables were distributed became oppressive, and their fineness started to set one's teeth on edge, as if they were made from glinting piano wire.
Grand Teton (Wyoming) - "In fall, aspens and cottonwoods ignite the landscape with glinting tints of bronze and gold (peak color arrives the last week of September).
Within that swath, most of the echoes showed a strong spike, similar to sunlight glinting off an ocean.
Above the harbor, the most spectacular display of fireworks this territory has ever seen will burst against the sky, glinting off skyscrapers, the swiftly flowing harbor waters, illuminating the faces of hundreds of thousands of Hong Kongers.