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glimmer of hope

A minute indication that something may improve, succeed, or turn out for the best in the end. Fans clung to a glimmer of hope that their team might score a last-minute touchdown to tie the game. Although peace talks have broken down between the two warring countries, there remains a glimmer of hope that a truce of some kind can still be salvaged.
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not a glimmer (of an idea)

 and not a clue
Fig. no idea. A: Where's the subway? B: Sorry. Not a glimmer of an idea. How long till we're there? Not a clue.
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None of the other houses were inhabited, and that at which we stopped was as dark as its neighbors, save for a single glimmer in the kitchen window.
PUT on a party face with a limited edition range of Shine & Glimmer a line-up of body products endorsed by supermodel Naomi Campbell.
It always casts a glimmer of doubt about the accuracy of a biography when the writer's request for family input is denied.
They are fearing the worst but until they are told there will always be a glimmer of hope.
Style-setters are simply mixing a little bit of 70s shimmer to create a cool 90s glimmer.
Chosen for Turning A Glimmer of Hope into Effective Global Action
rue21 will also make a donation to A Glimmer of Hope, a Pittsburgh based non-profit organization currently funding the largest pre-menopausal breast cancer research study in the country.
This one glimmer of hope and comfort lessens the hurt of being away from friends and family at this most important time of the year.
IAN MONGAN, who picked up a four-day ban for careless riding at Lingfield on Monday, ended the year in better mood after riding Just A Glimmer to an all-the-way success in the seven-furlong maiden, writes Will O'Hanlon.
Norman's current undertaking, the Geocruiiser, offers a glimmer of hope for those who like their art to promote the common good.
The City of Light added a little glimmer to the eyes of many gay men and lesbians around the world on March 18 when Paris elected its first openly gay mayor, Socialist Bertrand Delanoe.
Emotions glimmer along: terror, dismay, contentment, erotic violence.
Long before DDT was a glimmer in a farmer's eye, some other menace, as yet unknown, was sapping the strength of eggshells, claims Rhys E.
With a slide-out keypad and touch-screen interface, the LG Glimmer incorporates traditional phone functions with the latest multimedia features.
All proceeds will benefit A Glimmer of Hope, a Pittsburgh-based non-profit organization that supports breast cancer research.