glide away

glide away (from someone or something)

to slide or float away from someone or something. The skaters glided away from the center of the rink. The canoes glided away from the judge who had started off the canoe race.
See also: away, glide
References in classic literature ?
But now, at length, dear Dian sank from sight, Into a western couch of thunder-cloud; And thou, a ghost, amid the entombing trees Didst glide away.
The footpad hiding in a ditch had marked him passing like a ghost along its brink; the vagrant had met him on the dark high-road; the beggar had seen him pause upon the bridge to look down at the water, and then sweep on again; they who dealt in bodies with the surgeons could swear he slept in churchyards, and that they had beheld him glide away among the tombs on their approach.
In his senseless school-boy happiness he pictured Madame Olenska's descent from the train, his discovery of her a long way off, among the throngs of meaningless faces, her clinging to his arm as he guided her to the carriage, their slow approach to the wharf among slipping horses, laden carts, vociferating teamsters, and then the startling quiet of the ferry-boat, where they would sit side by side under the snow, in the motionless carriage, while the earth seemed to glide away under them, rolling to the other side of the sun.
The easiest way to start your race is to draw a circle and put all your snails in the middle of the circle, then as they glide away, the first one to reach the edge of the circle is the winner.
By now, we're used to seeing Mariota glide away from rushers and make exceptional plays look routine.
They led by a point, 1-8 to 0-10, at the break but, much like last year's Dublin-Kerry semi-final, there was a sense Dublin would enter turbo mode at some stage and glide away from Donegal.
After an eternal minute, she watched the helicopter slowly glide away.
It's funny how when you're all buckled into a heavy red- and- white striped paraglider, waiting to run off the edge of that cliff, you're humbled by the fact that two frail strips of ribbons, tied onto a stick that barely reaches your ankles, are going to decide when you're going to jump off that cliff and glide away till the wind allows you to land down in Naukuchiatal.
His speed, skill and ability to spin and glide away from tackles set him apart from most.
On Wednesday, the 150kg turtle was released, to glide away through Gulf waters, after more than eight months of rehabilitation.
Crosby Beach crowds watch the fleet Picture: GAVIN TRAFFORD/ gav210708atallships-2; An aircraft display added to the excitement Picture: MARTIN BIRCHALL/ mb220708tallshipleave-18; From left, The Roald Amundsen, Dar Mlodziezy and the Asgard II set off Picture: JASON ROBERTS/ jr210708tallships-3; Two of the Tall Ships glide away from Liverpool, under the watchful eye of a well-positioned Liver Bird; A brave sailor on the Statsraad Lehmkuhl Picture: TRACEY O'NEILL/ to210708ship-20; The Royalist parades past Wallasey Town Hall Picture: PAUL HEAPS/ ph210708dtallships-21
One excerpt: "But Howell goes very easy on Broder--who has been flagrantly dishonest with his own employer and with Howell-and Woodward, who is allowed to glide away from some very embarrassing matters.
Next, the supporting rollers glide away and the plane is then lowered to the ground, where it taxis out of the assembly line.