glide across

glide across (something)

To move across a surface or area in a very smooth manner, similar to floating. Those ballroom dancers are very talented—they just seem to glide across the dance floor!
See also: across, glide

glide across something

to float or slide across something. The skaters glided across the frozen expanse of the river. The small plane glided across the sky.
See also: across, glide
References in classic literature ?
How quiet, peaceful, and solemn; not at all as I ran," thought Prince Andrew- "not as we ran, shouting and fighting, not at all as the gunner and the Frenchman with frightened and angry faces struggled for the mop: how differently do those clouds glide across that lofty infinite sky
Caption: Key changes to certain genes may have allowed the ancient ancestors of colugos to leap and glide across the forest canopies of Southeast Asia.
He added that the solar eclipse will not be seen in Kuwait, as it will only be visible in large parts of south-east Asia, and the totality will exceed duration of more than four minutes, while the moon will glide across the sun's disk and create a total solar eclipse.
Circuelle claims that the lotion's texture enables a woman's fingertips to glide across her breast and underarm areas so she will notice something different, such as thickened skin, a lump, or change in the nipple.
It features a roller head and comes with lotion to help it glide across skin, or you can use it dry.
Glide across warm, crystal clear water only inches deep to the shelter of mysterious and historic islands.
The Moon will glide across the pale outer fringe (penumbra) of Earth's shadow, never reaching the shadow's dark umbra.
The Incurve keys have softly rounded edges to help fingers glide across the keyboard, so typing feels fluid and comfortable, the company said.
As an athlete he seemed to glide across the track, effortlessly moving through the gears to leave his competitors trailing in his wake.
Duncan McKenzie is magic We all sang our throats sore We will never forget Big Bobby Latchford 30 goals was his season's best Davey Thomas "slung them over" Big Bob's head done the rest Fearless Duncan Ferguson The penalty tattooed proudly on his arm A "Blue Nose" to the bone Let's all remember "The Golden Vision" When Alex Young would glide across the grass So many poor defenders Were left helpless on their ass
As a nameless traveller, you walk and glide across a stunning, impressionistic desert, your sole goal being to reach a skyward light cresting over a distant mountain.
Rocks in California's Death Valley somehow glide across the flat surface of Racetrack Playa on their own, leaving winding trails on the dry lake bed.
Park yourself on a bench and watch rowers glide across the water.
FOR a smooth-sliding shower curtain rub the rod with hair conditioner and the curtain rings will just glide across it.
Four light pearly shades that glide across the lids.