gleam with

gleam with something

to sparkle or shine with something. The crystal goblets gleamed with the sparkling candlelight. The glass gleamed with a bright reflection.
See also: gleam
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But it was only the heart's/racketing flywheel stuttering I want, I want//until exhaustion, until I was a guest in the yoke/of my body by the last margin of land where the river//mingles with the sea & far off daylight whitens,/a rending & yielding I must kneel before, as//barges loose glittering mineral freight/& behind me facades gleam with pigeons//folding iridescent wings.
The project also involved recasting much of the building's interior cornices, many which now gleam with new gold leafing.
Two wall-bound boxes gleam with chrome-laminate skins, mirroring our moves as we open the drawers to reveal a few loose dimes in one, and a pair of scissors in the other.