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glaze over

1. Lit. [for something] to be covered over with a coat of something cloudy or ice. The roads glazed over and became very dangerous. The street is glazed over badly.
2. Fig. [for one's eyes] to assume a dull, bored appearance, signifying an inability to concentrate or a lack of sleep. My eyes glaze over when I hear all those statistics.
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glaze over

1. To cover the surface of something with a glaze or similar substance: We glazed the cake over with chocolate frosting. The pastry chef glazed over doughnuts with hazelnut creme. The road was dangerously glazed over with frost.
2. To come to appear expressionless or lifeless: Her eyes glazed over when we talked about her last book. His expression always glazes over when he gets bored.
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glazed (drunk)

and glazed (over)
mod. alcohol intoxicated. She has had too much. She’s glazed drunk.
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glazed over

See also: glaze, over


See also: glaze
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Red glazes had to be put on thick, they needed lots of oxygen, they were more consistent if under fired and fired alone.
Contained within this book are many diverse cone 6 glaze formulas to use and or adjust to your aesthetic requirements.
Water-based glaze, the most popular, now comes ready mixed in a range of colours and,if you can't find the perfect shade to suit you,paints can be added to clear glaze.
Some crucible manufacturers offer an additional glaze on the top portion of the crucible to help delay the onset of oxidation.
Matt emulsion is not a good surface to apply a glaze over because it is too porous and so cuts down on the drying time, leaving you little time to work if you are sponging off.
Although there are different styles of glaze finishes, our pros prefer a "rag" finish that leaves the blurred, mottled look of an aged plaster wall.
It is not necessary to use every glaze description characteristic.
The purpose of the ring is to raise the vessel above the inevitable pooling of the glaze in the bowl.
Does the recommended clay and glaze temperature/cone match?
e reddish brown edge you can see on this jar round the rim and on the side, where the glaze is thinner, is the result of iron rich compounds that have separated out e reddish brown edge you can see on this jar round the rim and on the side, where the glaze is thinner, is the result of iron rich compounds that have separated out from the rest of the glaze.
Available exclusively in the UAE from Al Gurg Leigh's Paints, the Dulux Acrylic Scumble Glaze can be used to create a spectrum of crackle-effect colours.
You'll find information on glaze formulation; applications such as dipping, pouring and spraying; firing variations; characteristics of materials; testing; and even crystalline and ash glazes along with more than 100 recipes.
The chicken glaze has a very lacquery, beautiful look from the pomegranate molasses.
Other products in the studio line include metallic glazes, available in gold, copper, silver, bronze and pearlescent; latex texture-sand finish, which can be tinted with Benjamin Moore Color Preview colorants or top coated with a glaze mixture; chalkboard paint; glitter effect and glow-in-the-dark paint.
Designed for use on spinning disk and spraying applications, this new product uses the most modern technology to provide a more consistent glaze.