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mod. alcohol or drug intoxicated; drugged or suffering from an illness. Mary is looking sort of glassy-eyed, and it’s only midnight.
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It's hugely entertaining and he's great in it - all glassy-eyed and angry.
Adapted by Dean Koontz from his own novel, the movie finds a cadaverous, glassy-eyed O'Toole squirming uncomfortably in the role of a loony scholar-turned-tabloid writer named Timothy Flyte who is an expert on ancient epidemics.
It was only then that Doug appeared to get glassy-eyed, as his friend told him to enjoy his new life.
Unkempt and glassy-eyed, a man in his late 20s crossed the road, watching me intently after I had parked on a commercial side street in El Monte one evening.
Says our mole: "John looked glassy-eyed and unsteady when he arrived around midnight.
Debonair men leer at glassy-eyed women across the crowded room.
Says our mole: "John looked glassy-eyed and unsteady on his feet when he arrived around midnight.
The film offers a quickie course in embalming (``The jugular is for draining and the carotids for injecting,'' Sandra is informed by her solemn, glassy-eyed boss), but the camera discreetly pans away from an explicit how-to demonstration.
They pair slunk back into their taxi, looking glassy-eyed, after celebrating the band's fourth birthday at Mahiki club in London's West End.
I didn't think I could win,'' a glassy-eyed Santiago said a few minutes later, clutching his first-place trophy as if it might wrestle free.
The glassy-eyed hotel heir-head, 25, unwittingly popped out of her dress when she staggered out of their car during a boozy night out in LA.
A glassy-eyed non-thinking disciple bewitched by the panda eyes, stumpy eyebrows and insufferable self-belief of old Signor Smug himself or so the story goes.
With a glassy-eyed Weathers (22-9-1, 18 KOs) lying on his back, referees Marty Denkin didn't even bother to count.
He looked glassy-eyed and unsteady on his feet at yesterday's three-hour court hearing when the drug treatment order was revoked.
Dead parents, old football chants and hilarious satire (Everybody's A Victim) feature in songs that swell with pride and glassy-eyed sorrow.