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the glassy

Exceptional or excellent. Primarily heard in Australia. This burger's the glassy, mate!
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the (or just the) glassy

the most excellent person or thing. Australian informal
In mid 20th-century surfing slang, a glassy is an extremely smooth wave offering excellent surfing conditions.
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mod. alcohol or drug intoxicated; drugged or suffering from an illness. Mary is looking sort of glassy-eyed, and it’s only midnight.
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It is obvious that the ability of the molecular chains to move is more limited at higher frequencies thus it appears glassier and shows a higher [T.
of cars grow hourly glassier, food means steak and cake, muscles prevail and
Glassier Safety Award in recognition of his safety leadership within the Compressed Gas Association.
No boxer looking for a world title shot should be knocked down by journeymen like Willie Limond and Michael Gomez - not unless they're driving - and a chin glassier than Cinderella's slipper is Khan's achilles heel.
By comparison, the equally good Dutoit Montreal performance on a Decca digital sounds lighter, less substantial, and, yes, harder and glassier.
We felt that our architectural look and design had to be different, yet a glassier expression of this was not affordable.
A two-tone gradation of transparent ruby color yields a much softer, glassier look for the deeper and wider curve at the bottom of the bezel.