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Thrift stores often have a wealth of dishware, from wine glasses to ceramic plates, to serving platters, reminding us of a well-worn truth: One person's trash is another's treasure.
Both reasons suggest why Washingtonians tend to opt out of late nights and hard drinking, electing to drink one or two glasses of wine and rising early to beat the morning traffic--and uphold their names.
That's because under certain conditions, a metal's orderly crystalline structure can be transformed into a hodge-podge of atoms that typifies glasses.
This precision opens up new applications for ceramics, including glasses, says S.
In formulating this new glass, chemists have taken into account information gathered from studies of degradation of natural and commercial glasses.
Why do glasses not form a precisely ordered cystalline material at some precisely defined freezing point, like so many other, more 'normal' substances?
Bunker and Michalske's earlier work focused on the very tip of a crack, where the silicon-oxygen network of simple glasses can tear apart at one-trillionth of an inch per hour, then suddenly accelerate to 50 or 60 miles per hour.