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glare at someone or something

to scowl at someone or something. Don't glare at me! I glared at the cat and thought mean thoughts.
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glare down on someone or something

1. [for someone] to scowl down at someone or something. The judge glared down on the accused. I glared down on the cat, which ignored me, as usual.
2. [for the sun] to burn down brightly on someone or something. The sun glared down on the beach and made the sand hot to the touch. The bright sun glared down on the desert rocks.
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rivet one's gaze on someone or something

 and rivet one's glare on someone or something
Fig. to fasten one's gaze onto someone or something. (As if it were attached by rivets.) He riveted his gaze on the surly young man. Walter riveted his hateful glare on the last page of the contract and sneered.
See also: gaze, on, rivet

glare down

1. To shine on or illuminate someone or something strongly from above: The sun glared down on the nomads crossing the desert.
2. To intimidate someone or cause someone to submit by staring: The lawyer glared me down until I was unable to speak.
3. To look directly at someone or something disapprovingly or disappointedly: I glared down on my dog, whom I'd caught chewing on the curtains. The dog glared down at the bone, which had sunk to the bottom of the swimming pool.
See also: down, glare
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Translucent glass partitions and antiglare finishes also help bounce light through the space without creating glare or hot spots, Jayson adds.
Unlike nighttime sources of disability glare, we can mitigate the effects of daytime glare in offices and schools by using body language to shift our gaze, and shades to block glare from the windows.
The entire room (both window and opaque surfaces) is cut into small segments of calculated luminances (in this study, 40 by 40 segments are applied on each surface which is consistent to the ray tracing grid) for detecting if each small segment is a glare source.
Potential licensees interested in obtaining more information about the Phone Glare and discussing licensing opportunities with respect to the product can contact the Manufacturer Response Department of Innovation Direct[TM] at (877) 991-0909 ext.
Yet, when luminaire efficacy governs equipment selection, or when power density drives lighting design, glare control may be overlooked.
The square moves with the wearer to block the source of glare at any angle, but still allows the surroundings to remain visible.
ICAT has taken the initiative to work on this problem and to host this unique demonstration in our country that has highlighted the aspects of anti glare phenomena for head lighting system.
He concludes: "Finally, make it a habit to lower sun visors to help block some of the reflected light and attempt, when possible, to take an alternate route lined with tress or tall buildings instead of one with extreme glare.
More importantly, though coach Tim Floyd said he has never asked for the drapes to be closed, the glare also affects the players.
Veiling glare significantly reduces contrast and resolution, creating a visible haze that reduces clarity.
The glare shield keeps sunlight off the cockpit instrument panel and it's not very sturdy.
According to Eunice Noell-Waggoner, LC, glare is an even greater culprit than contrast when it comes to diminished resident intake.
Try using a tablecloth or placemats on a shiny dining table to cut out the glare from this surface.
For corridors I am specifying Metalux's Aerial for the even, direct light it provides without creating glare.
It shows a couple of flags in the cockpit on the forward glare shield.