glance off

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glance off (someone or something)

to bounce off someone or something. The bullet glanced off the huge boulder. The baseball glanced off of Tom and left a bruise on his side where it had touched.
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So I just put my leg in there and it took a slight glance off my knee and went into the back of the net.
Ramprakash joined Roseberry and their stand passed 100 before Ramprakash mistimed a leg glance off John Stephenson when on 62 and steered a catch to Dmitri Mascarenhas.
Most of the time, the particles either miss or merely glance off each other.
As Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts are taught, a dull hatchet is much more dangerous than a sharp one, because it tends to glance off its target and behave unpredictably.
Earlier, after England captain Stuart Broad won the toss, South Africa's Richard Levi fell first ball when a glance off Steven Finn was caught down the leg side by wicket-keeper Craig Kieswetter.
Kent had a ball glance off his left wrist in a defensive play at first base Thursday.
Glenavon were given the lead when a long-range free kick from fullback Johnny Montgomery appeared to glance off the head of defender Michael Smyth.
A glance off Dion Nash just escaped the glove of Adam Parore and Matthew Bell missed a sharp chance at third slip.