glance down

glance down (at something)

to look quickly downward at something. Sherri glanced down at her watch and then pressed on the accelerator. She glanced down and hurried off.
See also: down, glance
References in classic literature ?
I had been too much occupied with the dangers of the descent to glance down toward the valley; but that cry which told me that it was indeed Lys, and that she was again in danger, brought my eyes quickly upon her in time to see a hairy, burly brute seize her and start off at a run toward the near-by wood.
They saw the white girl in the machine glance down and discover him.
A glance down at the sled with its canvas mail-bags was necessary to reassure him of the reality of those sixty days and the two thousand miles over the ice.
Selfridge Merry, had cast a quick glance down the table.
When Jason said this, the king gave a quick startled glance down at his feet.
A glance down the squad list reveals names like Christian Stuani (26 caps for Uruguay), Stewart Downing and David Nugent.
A glance down the list of changes vindicates my long-held suspicions about some distances at some tracks, but all that is now thankfully in the past.
As you look through your red dot, whether it be Leupold's LCO, an EOTech hollowgraphic sight or an Aimpoint, you can glance down and see a six-power image.
And if they play consistently well, that's when the net that is cast wide to find English talent in the Premier League may glance down on them at some point.
A glance down at his notes will be seen as a poor grasp on facts.
I would be moving along on an open stretch of some rural highway, glance down and see the needle higher than I had expected and slightly ease off the gas pedal.
Seven inches is plenty of screen to glance down at and makes it simple to find what you are looking for quickly.
A further one in three motorists want to see the sat navs placed higher up in cars, so drivers don't have to glance down and one in four motorists would like to see more voice-activated controls.
The same thing can be said of the 5008's navigation system, as the screen rises out of the top of the exceptionally stylish dashboard just in front of the windscreen and is therefore easy to read without having to glance down to the face of the dashboard, as on many cars.