glance down

glance down (at something)

to look quickly downward at something. Sherri glanced down at her watch and then pressed on the accelerator. She glanced down and hurried off.
See also: down, glance
References in classic literature ?
I had been too much occupied with the dangers of the descent to glance down toward the valley; but that cry which told me that it was indeed Lys, and that she was again in danger, brought my eyes quickly upon her in time to see a hairy, burly brute seize her and start off at a run toward the near-by wood.
They saw the white girl in the machine glance down and discover him.
That brief glance down to check a text message not only risks your life, but the lives of others.
I had the audacity to glance down at my cup tea, and before I knew it the time frame had switched and I was completely lost as it yo-yos back and forth between 12 years ago, 2014 and present day.
I had the audacity to glance down at my cup of tea, and before I knew it the time frame had switched and I was completely lost.
If you think you see a potential target, shoulder the rifle, place the red dot, and then simply glance down at your thermal to identify and engage.
One glance down at a cell phone while driving, a quick text back--"5 mins away"--and Roo's life changes forever.
A glance down the list of changes vindicates my long-held suspicions about some distances at some tracks, but all that is now thankfully in the past.
And if they play consistently well, that's when the net that is cast wide to find English talent in the Premier League may glance down on them at some point.
A glance down at his notes will be seen as a poor grasp on facts.
I would be moving along on an open stretch of some rural highway, glance down and see the needle higher than I had expected and slightly ease off the gas pedal.
Then, just when you thought it couldn't get much less sexy, glance down to the footwear .
Well, a glance down the average high street suggests that these days Brits are more likely to be found tucking into a curry than a traditional Sunday dinner, and this documentary, being shown to mark Ramadan, sees Shappi Khorsandi take a closer look at how food from the Muslim world has influenced British cuisine, not to mention our palates.
He will use the device because experts have told him that using a paper script, which makes him occasionally glance down, can look shifty.