give (one) (one's) walking papers

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give (one) (one's) walking papers

To dismiss someone from a job or task. I can't believe the boss gave me my walking papers after five years on the job! The new secretary hasn't taken one accurate message for me all week—I think it's time to give her her walking papers. Ben offered to help me clean out the garage, but he's been late every day, so I had to give him his walking papers.
See also: give, paper, walking

give someone their walking papers

If you give someone their walking papers, you tell them to leave. Barker was called in and given his walking papers during a short meeting yesterday. After returning home to Toronto for Thanksgiving, he gave his high-school girlfriend her walking papers. Note: You can also say that someone gets their walking papers. It was Vogel's turn to get his walking papers from the board of directors. Note: The usual British expression is give someone their marching orders. Note: This comes from the instructions given to infantry soldiers (= soldiers who march on foot) about the length and destination of a march.
See also: give, paper, someone, walking

give somebody their ˈwalking papers


get your ˈwalking papers

(American English, informal) dismiss somebody from their job; be dismissed: The coach has been given his walking papers after the team lost again on Saturday.
See also: give, paper, somebody, walking