give (one) a dirty look

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give (one) a dirty look

To look at one in an angry, contemptuous, or disapproving manner. Also seen as "give (one) dirty looks." I started telling him about Janet's run-in with the law, but when she gave me a dirty look, I shut my trap. I must have done something really offensive last night because Mike keeps giving me dirty looks.
See also: dirty, give, look

dirty look, give a

Scowl at someone, look disapproving. For example, When I started to tell the story, Carol gave me a really dirty look. This expression has largely replaced the earlier and more formal black look. [Colloquial; 1920s]
See also: dirty, give

give somebody/get a dirty ˈlook

(informal) look at somebody/be looked at in an angry or a disapproving way: She gave me a dirty look when I suggested that she should go and wash the dishes.
See also: dirty, get, give, look, somebody
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The pirates are giving dirty looks to the explorers and the explorers are giving dirty looks to the pirates.
Facing the front from dead centre, hostile listeners seem to depend as much on giving dirty looks as on offering reasoned argument.
Instead, they condone the bad behavior by attempting to ignore it, giving dirty looks, complaining to a friend, or simply saying nothing.
Results show that only one in ten people speak up to the offender, while the vast majority remain silent by either ignoring the behavior (37 percent), giving dirty looks or showing disapproval in other nonverbal ways (26 percent), or simply walking away (14 percent).