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an Indian giver

A person who asks the return of or takes back a gift after they have given it. One of many expressions often considered offensive for making reference to Native American stereotypes or tropes. I'm sorry to be an Indian giver like this, but I'm afraid I need the $50 back that I gave you last week.
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Indian giver

One who takes or demands back one's gift to another, as in Jimmy wanted to take back Dan's birthday present, but Mom said that would make him an Indian giver . This term, now considered offensive, originally alluded to the Native American practice of expecting a gift in return for one that is given. [Colloquial; early 1800s]
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Indian giver

Someone who gives a gift and then wants it returned. Native Americans' economy was based on the barter system; therefore, an item that colonists and settlers took to be an outright gift was expected to be reciprocated. When it was not, the giver wanted the item returned. The offensive phrase, which first appeared in mid-18th-century New England, is now rarely used . . . and properly so.
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A key point is made that educators and health care givers do not recommend that teens avoid sexual intercourse until marriage, which is the only certain way of preventing the spread of STDs.
Cash giving is more likely from givers who tend to give unwanted gifts, indicating that givers are concerned with the utility of their recipients and, in turn, that the decision to give cash is economic.
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Nearly all wedding gift givers who purchase items from registries find the gift lists useful; however nearly two-thirds of gift givers still are not using registries to buy wedding presents, according to The Lenox Report on Wedding Gift Giving, a national opinion survey sponsored by Lenox China & Crystal.
Experts at the London Business School found original givers are far more likely to think those receiving should do as they wish with a gift than receivers typically assume - and would rather see the gift "regifted" than thrown away, the Daily Mail reported.
It's a coming out party for them, being involved in this charity walk - a chance for them to pay back some of the generosity and kindness of the givers who have helped them along the way in this special ed school.
Therefore, the Parliament of Canada and the parliaments of all the provinces and territories of Canada should pass legislation forthwith that will respect and protect the fundamental rights of freedom of conscience of all health-care givers in Canada.