give (someone) (one's) word

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give (someone) (one's) word

To make a serious promise, assurance, or vow (to someone). I give you my word that I will do everything in my power to have this matter resolved by next week. You gave your word that you'd be there, so don't even think about backing out now.
See also: give, word

give somebody your ˈword (that...)


have somebody’s ˈword (that...)

promise somebody/be promised (that...): I give you my word that I’ll pay you tomorrow.I’ve got his word that he’ll fix the car by the weekend.
See also: give, somebody, word
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Once you give your word, you are committed morally; 6.
You'll learn that once you give your word, you have to live by it,'' Holden said.
In any situation if you give your word to someone, you should honour that and I think it is wholly disappointing to see that Hassan has not.
The moral is that you should only give your word when you are sure that you can keep it and never promise what you cannot fulfil or you have no intention of so fulfilling
Rent a car on the Big Island of Hawaii and you have to give your word that you won't drive on Saddle Road.
When you give your word to your constituency that you will vote for a balanced-budget amendment and then turn around a few months later and vote against it,'' said Senate Majority Leader Trent Lott, R-Miss.