give voice to

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give voice to (something)

To share one's thoughts or feelings. When we left the office, Sally gave voice to her fear that promotions are unfairly awarded out in our department.
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give voice to something

Fig. to express a feeling or an opinion in words; to speak out about something. The bird gave voice to its joy in the golden sunshine. The protestors gave voice to their anger at Congress.
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give voice to

Say or express, especially an opinion or feeling. For example, The faculty gave voice to their anger over the dean's tenure decisions. This term once meant "to vote." Its present sense dates from the mid-1800s.
See also: give, voice
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But did we also give voice to the burdens we brought in with us to Mass that day?
This is one of the contradictions Susan Willis mentions: What does it really mean to give voice to someone, or some group of people?
Peggy Rosenthal concludes the accessible historical survey of her introduction optimistically: "Poets, whose vocation it is to give voice to their culture's deepest perceptions, show no sign of losing interest in the challenge posed by the Gospel's central figure" (xliii).
Surely if one is to write the history of a particular culture one should aim to give voice to the actors that constitute that culture.
It shows care and erudition, and should give voice to the ideas and discourses that hegemonic structures in texts and in the academy have changed.
And here was a Chicana mayor equally determined to give voice to the large and increasingly marginalized Hispanic population.
It is a volunteer-driven membership organization of individuals, cities, communities, counties, associations, businesses and organizations in a 22 county region, banding together to give voice to southern Colorado and in shaping the policies for southern Colorado.
But I find it equally important to give exposure to unknown voices, to give voice to humble but significant faith experiences .
The book does not address these issues nor does it give voice to those who are the recipients (or, some would argue, victims) of welfare policy making.
and the novel The Farming of Bones, brings together an anthology of essays, poems, letters and stories that give voice to the Haitian experience in the "dyaspora.
Even more, our songs give voice to the joys and sorrows of our bodies.