care tuppence

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not care/give tuppence

  (British & Australian old-fashioned)
to not care about something or someone in any way (often + for ) She doesn't give tuppence for her family. You can do what you like. I don't care tuppence.
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Joe Wilson, Spean Bridge, said: "Looking at Collins sitting with Ronny Deila I get the impression Delia couldn't give tuppence what Collins says.
At least Sturgeon did not hide her slight incredulity that viewers would give tuppence if she knows her way around a saucepan or not.
The PM and sidekick George Osborne, a fellow Buller Boy, are a couple of posh boys who might now have learned the price of a pint of milk but they don't give tuppence for the millions forced to count the pennies every week.
The English, the English, the English are best I wouldn''t give tuppence for all of the rest.
While I usually couldn't give tuppence for Kat Slater's choice of sexual partners, I couldn't resist watching her face turn a whiter shade of copper as she was rumbled by hapless Alfie.
Nowadays, children find it laughably amusing to shoplift and steal" Actress Joanna Lumley "I couldn't give tuppence ha'penny for the Oscars, one way or another.
I do not give tuppence if such a funeral cost is more or less than T J Wilson's personal funeral arrangements as outlined.
I don't give tuppence whether they finish in the top four.
Few locals give tuppence about racing, so you have to make hay, etc.
Most people didn't give tuppence about him being an apostate (someone who has renounced the religion of their birth), but some Muslims interpret the Quran differently," she said.
He said it all, a Government that doesn't listen, crime spiralling out of control, a judiciary that doesn't give tuppence about the law-abiding citizens, a useless immigration department and, to cap it all, news saying the government is giving a pounds 1.
I wouldn't give tuppence for some of the soggy, cold chips they dish up today.
You wouldn't give tuppence ha'penny for the nick of the Calvin Kleins sported by his Falkirk namesake at Ibrox last night after this League Cup drubbing.
Just don't expect 28-year-old Steve Finnan to give tuppence for Lawro's view of him.
Lord Tebbit said: 'In my view the only two ministers I'd give tuppence for in the whole Government are (Gordon) Brown and Blunkett.