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You see, most Turkish women would be more authoritative and not give the time of day to a staff member if they were a guest at the hotel.
e art of conversation is fast dying, replaced by reliance on instant tidbits of trivia, pointless surveys and news about people you count as friends only in the sad world of Facebook, and who you wouldn't otherwise give the time of day to.
You were so nice, would give the time of day to anyone.
Anna Wintour wouldn't give the time of day if she saw you on the street," Limbaugh said.
Even if you think of him as an overpaid, arrogant, self-indulgent individual who you wouldn't give the time of day to, if by Mancini swallowing his pride City go on to win the title then the Italian manager will get all the plaudits he deserves.
Considering their tumultuous, drink-throwing past, one might be surprised that Samantha Ronson would even give the time of day to her troubled ex, Lindsay Lohan.