give somebody/get the OK/okay

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get the OK

To receive permission or approval to do something. Don't worry, I got the OK from the boss before I started doing all this research.
See also: get, OK

give (one) the OK

To tell one that it is permissible to do something. Don't worry, the boss gave me the OK to work overtime this week.
See also: give, OK

give somebody/get the OˈK/oˈkay

(informal) give somebody/receive approval or permission: I’m waiting to get the OK before I start on the project.He can’t start until his boss gives him the OK.
See also: get, give, OK, okay, somebody
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For me, but for other aspects, there are more people who have to give the okay.
Keith Hallinan, Wimbledon's general manager, said: "I find it unbelievable that the mayor could give the okay after the platform [social housing] he stood on to get elected.
The warrant will be executed when doctors give the okay.
We were all waiting to see how American Pharoah worked and for me to give the okay," Baffert told espn.
We have to get, his okay first, yes, for everything, even casual leave, too bad if you think its crazy; that's -my job and that's the way I do it, if he doesn't give the okay the the file doesn't move.
Never mind about the land issue, there is plenty up there good enough for you to give the okay for property developers to continue the cycle of immigration to Ingleby.
The FDA continues to give the okay on new pharmaceutical products with side effects.
The rehabilitation is going well and the training programme will increase once I am give the okay after Tuesday's inspection by the specialist.
TWO of Aston Villa's backroom team have been give the okay to join Middlesbrough.
I shall look at the situation in training tonight but what I don't want to do is give the okay to the lads and then find out the injuries from the Scarborough game are worse than expected and be left short of cover.
The League's board of directors will today give a final decision, with the likelihood that they will give the okay.
Tesco - who initially did give the okay to Eaton's business after the visit by the animal welfare inspectors - yesterday admitted that they were "concerned" at Eaton's criminal conviction.
Sources expect the full Council to give the okay to Trump after certain modifications that could, some say, affect the project's chances for financial success to some degree.
The first would be to fast-track permits concerning pending large projects, aiming to at least give the okay within 30 days.
I think Timepiece will definitely run and, as long as I'm happy with Aviate, I think the prince will give the okay for her to run as well.