flip the bird

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flip/give somebody the bird

  (American & Australian very informal)
to make a very impolite sign by raising your middle finger towards someone in order to show that you are angry with them If he'd shouted at me like that I'd have flipped him the bird.
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Spare them a thought as the temperatures plunge and give the bird to those who threaten the future of any of our feathered friends.
Bird table service Now's the time to give the bird table a good clean.
However, it just proved far too big to accommodate in the restaurant, so we decided to give it away to the guest who could give the bird the most appropriate name.
Darren Grieves, from the Trust, said that the centre was happy to give the bird sanctuary.
Sally has decided to give the bird, called Crackerjack, a permanent home and last night collected a shed donated by Focus DIY in Bishop Auckland to use as an aviary.
Their wild "cour-lee" calls give the bird its name.
The couple, who visited Newcastle's farmers market in Grey's Monument for the first time yesterday, then give the birds a new free range home and their eggs are sold as they are or in a wide variety of flavoured scotch eggs across the North East.
Now the RSPB wants people to make simple changes to how they look after their gardens and give the birds a chance to thrive.
The new directive rules out the use of conventional battery cages for all laying hens in the EU, with a minimum standard of "enriched" cages which give the birds more space, nesting and perching areas, and features which allow natural behaviour.
By all means keep your beautiful berries but don't forget to give the birds an alternative too.