give somebody/get the OK/okay

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get the OK

To receive permission or approval to do something. Don't worry, I got the OK from the boss before I started doing all this research.
See also: get, OK

give (one) the OK

To tell one that it is permissible to do something. Don't worry, the boss gave me the OK to work overtime this week.
See also: give, OK

give somebody/get the OˈK/oˈkay

(informal) give somebody/receive approval or permission: I’m waiting to get the OK before I start on the project.He can’t start until his boss gives him the OK.
See also: get, give, OK, okay, somebody
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Either the CPS would not give the OK for the case to go ahead, those arrested - even if found guilty - would be let off with the usual slapped wrist or caution if they claimed to have had a poor childhood or are from a broken family, or they might be given a paltry jail sentence.
expected to give the OK to the $62bn deal before Friday close-of-business in
She added Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve would give the OK "very soon".
Should the player give the OK he'll be in the side tomorrow that tackles third-placed Daventry Town, who are currently on an eye-catching spell of eight successive league victories, a run of form that's made them a real threat to the leaders.
Dens chiefs had been hoping Wolves would loan the 20-year-old back to them but the SFL refused to give the OK because the Division One club are in administration and not allowed to make signings.
Summary: European Medicines Agency is expected to give the ok to a form of a swine flu vaccine today.
SHAME on Cllr Doreen Jones for using her casting vote as planning committee chairman to give the OK to the three proposed triangular blocks of flats on Mann Island.
Troubleshooters assigned to the "Bounty Hunters" of Strike Fighter Squadron Two (VFA-2), give the OK to launch their squadron's FA-18F Super Hornet aboard the Nimitz-class aircraft carrier USS Abraham Lincoln (CVN-72).
I thought not) we give the OK to allow building in a conservation area, and say goodbye to a park, and .
Granted, many users give the OK for cookies to follow their online actions so they can access certain sites.
But council officials say they cannot give the OK until the swaying timber is examined by experts.
Though this new sale is not officially complete until European Union authorities give the OK, everyone involved expects smooth sailing.
While Pataki very well may give the OK to free Bingo, the timeframe at this point is too tight to pull off a September launch, U-DUB prexy Bob Lienhard tells Variety.
Actress Patsy will start the pounds 1,250 Italian course at a London clinic as soon as doctors give the OK after the Caesarean birth.