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It's fair enough; we give stick out, and plenty of praise too, so who are we to say that someone can't have an opinion on us?
And Ben John has been able to give stick to Scarlets supporters in his home village of Loughor following Ospreys' dramatic 10-6 Boxing Day away triumph at Llanelli.
If any fans want to give stick, aim it in my direction because the players need all the backing they can get.
SEAN McCAFFREY has hit out at the abusive minority of "unforgiving" fans who give stick to his young Dundalk side.
He had a solid swim and thereafter, he was able to give stick on the bike to create a comfortable lead between him and the pack fighting it out for second.
If fans give stick out they have to take it back but these things happen.
I hear Ronaldo got particular stick on RTE after the game, but if you can give stick to just him when 10 outfield players were below par then you're a joke.
I'll miss our pint and jangle mate, mainly work (yours of course) Who's going to give stick to Deal or no Deal now.
They boo them off at half-time at Wembley if they've failed to score and give stick to players they don't believe are good enough (ask Peter Crouch in the early days) or have transgressed off the pitch (ask Ashley Cole whenever).
We have just got to play and let the fans give stick to any players they want to give stick to.
And he believes Walter Smith can achieve even more than Brown with Scotland so finally he'll be able to give stick back to the gloating English.
But Ian Stewart, Rosyth, said: "Thomson got a lot of criticism but why not give stick to the players who were cheating like Clint Hill and Moussa Dembele?