give somebody/get the bum's rush

get the bum's rush

1. To be hastily and forcefully removed from a place. Likened to the ejection of a vagrant (a "bum") from a place. Primarily heard in US, Canada, South Africa. We got the bum's rush out of the bar after Joe started drunkenly insulting the bartender.
2. To be peremptorily or abruptly dismissed, due to a failed or rejected plan, idea, or performance. Primarily heard in US, Canada, South Africa. I brought up the possibility of reducing managerial pay to other employees, but that idea quickly got the bum's rush.
See also: get, rush

give somebody/get the ˌbum’s ˈrush

(slang, especially American English)
1 order or use force to make somebody leave a place; be made to leave in this way: The reporter was given the bum’s rush out of the club.
2 dismiss or get rid of somebody that you do not want; be dismissed or got rid of: I got the bum’s rush from Smith & Co.
See also: get, give, rush, somebody
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